Monarch Little League is a youth baseball and softball organization covering Louisville, Colorado, Superior Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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Field Closures:

  • Field Closures are determined by an agreement between the MLL Board of Directors, the City of Louisville Parks & Recreation Dept, and the Town of Superior Parks & Recreation Dept.

  • MLL will notify folks that the fields are closed at their earliest possible opportunity

  • MLL closes those fields on the website, which automatically generates a “Schedule Change” email to all teams who are scheduled to use those fields.

  • If a field is closed, no play or practice can take place on those fields.


Game Day:

  • Typically, the City or Town will not close a field after they have prepared it for play.

  • This will come into play when you are getting ready to go out to a game or practice, and a storm comes through.

  • At this point, it is up to the coaches on whether or not to play the game

  • It is recommended that unless you hear directly from your coach that there is no game, or there is a safety concern, you should go to your scheduled game location. That way, we can avoid forfeit situations should the storm clear quickly.



  • MLL observes a 30/30 Rule as it pertains to lightning and any other storm that could cause a delay. The 30/30 Rule is as follows:

    • If lightning is seen, and thunder is heard within 30 seconds of the lightning, the fields will be cleared and the game will be delayed.

    • If the storm clears within 30 minutes of the delay call, play will resume so long as the field conditions are safe

    • If it is still storming after a 30 minute delay, the game will be called.

    • When a lightning delay is called, all players must clear the field and take shelter in a nearby storm shelter or car. Players may NOT stay in the dugouts.