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Rules Background:

Monarch Little League is a member of Colorado District 2 of Little League International. As a result, we operate based on three levels of game play bylaws (rules) for softball:

1. Little League International Rulebook

  • Institutes a new rulebook on January 1 every year.
  • These rules are the defacto standard for play if there are no district or local league bylaws.
  • These rules are in effect (override district and local bylaws) for All Star tournaments at the District, State, Regional, and National division levels.
  • Paperback versions of the Little League International rule book are provided with each MLL Softball team equipment bag for Minors AAA and Majors Divisions.
  • More information can be found on the Little League International website.


2. Little League Colorado District 2 Bylaws

  • Institutes a new set of bylaws on April 1 every year. 
  • These bylaws outline more detail to specific rules of the Little League International rulebook.  
  • These rules are in effect for regular season Interlock play. Thus, these rules are typically used by MLL Softball Minors AA, AAA, and Majors divisions.
  • The current revision of the Colorado District 2 bylaws for baseball can be found here.


3. Monarch Little League Local Bylaws

  • Institutes a new set of bylaws on April 1 every year.
  • Currently MLL is not employing local bylaws for softball divisions and is instead using the District 2 bylaws.


Playing Rules for Spring Season Softball Divisions:


Playing Rules for All Stars Softball Divisions:

  • 10U, 11U, & Majors - see Little League International Rulebook


Playing Rules for Fall Season Softball Divisions:

  • TBD

Rules Cheat Sheet