Monarch Little League is a youth baseball and softball organization covering Louisville, Colorado, Superior Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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Monarch Little League’s “Playing It Safe”
2021 Guidelines for Returning to Baseball & Softball Amid COVID-19

Guidelines are based on the City of Louisville, Boulder County and Colorado State guidelines for Personal Recreation and Team Sports

UPDATE 4/7/2021
Organized sports | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

Part A – Wellness | Tracing | Season:

1. If any coach, umpire, player or family members of a player are experiencing any signs of illness, they cannot participate, come to the field and/or must leave the field if they become ill.

2. Each team must keep a record of their own players & coaches that attended a game, along with contact information for each umpire. In the event a player, coach, or umpire tests positive for COVID-19, others who were at the same event can be notified. Teams must be able to contact any family/guest to help with contact tracing if needed.

3. MLL volunteers, participants, families/guardians of, umpires, and any persons who may be involved with MLL activities are required to promptly inform the MLL Board of Directors if said person is being tested for COVID-19. The MLL BoD should be notified before results have been delivered to the individual/family for planning purposes.  This is paramount for the safety of the MLL community. 

4. If at any time MLL feels conditions have become unsafe for their players, coaches, umps, field sups and/or families, MLL will stop the season. Even after practices and games start, we may need to relax or tighten up rules.

5. Please check with the MLL BOD that a player is registered for their requirement regarding a COVID-19 waiver.

6. “Sanitizing / Sanitize(d),” refers to wiping down with a disinfectant wipe or spray.

Part B - Social Distancing:

1. Players, coaches, umpires and, spectators should attempt to maintain 6 feet of separation from those outside of ones' household. This includes entering field complexes, warming up, watching games, and leaving field complexes.

2. Anytime persons are less than 6 feet from each other, they should wear masks, EXCEPT during gameplay. (See Part C)

3. In many cases, bleachers will be reserved for players, coaches, and scorekeepers, so that not all team members are confined to the dugout. Nearly all field’s bleachers are off-limits, except for player use only.

4. Parents/fans are asked not to sit in the bleachers but provide their own seating. If a field allows for parents/fans in the stands, social distancing is required.

5. Parents/fans must separate by household away from the teams. Either along the baselines or behind the outfielders.

6. Carpooling players from different households is discouraged.

7. Parents/Fans are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before game time. Please allow any Parents/fans from previous games to leave the area before setting up chairs/blankets/seating area for the current game.

8. No concessions or snacks. It is strongly encouraged for players to bring an adequate amount of sports drinks and water. (See Part C)

Part C - Masks | Sanitization | Food/H20/Drinks | Bathrooms:

1. Players do not have to wear a mask while in the field of play, but do so while in the dugout/sideline. 

2. Players ten (10) and younger are exempt from wearing a mask for whom the only available face covering would pose a possible choking or strangulation hazard; any child aged ten (10) years or younger that has difficulty breathing with a face covering or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance; or any child aged ten (10) years or younger for whom wearing a face covering would increase the risk of getting exposed to the virus because they are touching their face more often

3. Coaches need to wear a mask when within 6ft of non-family members. 

4. All participants should avoid touching their faces and should use hand sanitizer after touching faces or shared surfaces.

5. Each player should provide their own hand sanitizer even though teams will provide hand sanitizer and/or wipes.

6. No food in the dugouts. Team members will not be allowed to eat during games except for medical purposes.

7. In the event of a double-header, team members may eat in between games but must wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after eating.

8. No sharing of food or drinks. 

9. No spitting, eating seeds, chewing gum, or other similar products is permitted. 

10. Each player should have their own bottle for water/sports drinks/etc.

11. No team water coolers are permitted.

12. Where restrooms are available and allowed per the local Health Dept. Only two at a time in the restroom. Social distancing will be adhered to when in the line. Bathrooms are to be used at one's own risk and will not be the responsibility of MLL.

13. Masks will be required while inside the bathroom.

Part D - Warm-Ups | Dugouts | Balls | Umps Info | Equipment | Game:

1.  Boulder County and Colorado State Guidelines; games should be limited to 25 players, not counting coaches, umps, spectators, and other adults.

2. Teams may warm up in any area that provides them social distancing among themselves and from other teams.

3. Coaches and players should sanitize their hands prior to warm-ups and between innings.

4. Dugouts are reserved for coaches, scorekeepers, and at most 3 upcoming batters. Up to 3 upcoming batters can sit in the dugout and must social distance. Any players or adults sitting in the dugout or in the stands should be spaced at least 6 feet apart (unless part of the same household).

5. Player and Team bags are not allowed in the dugouts. Please spread out at least 6 feet along the back of the dugout, backstops, and/or the fences up the baselines to encourage social distancing.

6. Teams may not come into contact as they are entering and leaving the dugouts. Each team should not enter a dugout until the previous team has fully left the dugout and cleaned it.

7. Each team should sanitize the surfaces used in each dugout before and after games. Equipment should be cleaned prior to and after games by teams and/or parents.

8. Bats and batting helmets may be kept in the dugout.

9. No players at the plate meeting before a game. Only one coach from each team while social distancing or wearing a mask. 

10. Defensive team will provide new or sanitized balls for play for their defensive innings. If a ball goes out of play, the defensive team is responsible for retrieving and sanitizing that ball prior to going back into play.

11. Teams must sanitize their game balls during warm-ups and practices prior to use. It is also advised to sanitize them in between innings.

12. It is advised that umpires should limit interaction with the balls. If possible, no contact with the ball.

13. It is encouraged that umpires wear masks when less than 6 feet from players and coaches (meaning while they are engaged in umpiring from behind the catcher).

14. Sharing of equipment is not allowed in most circumstances.

*Each player should have their own batting helmet, bat, glove, batting glove
NOTE: If a family needs assistance in providing equipment, please send a request to the MLL BOD.

15. If sharing of equipment is necessary, equipment must be sanitized before each use.

*It is suggested to sanitize personal bats after each at bat

16. Catching equipment should be unique to players catching in the game. MLL will try to provide catching equipment to allow for this, but sanitation of catching masks and gloves is required in between uses.  

17. Teams are encouraged to use only 2 catchers per game until equipment is completely sanitized before use by another player. If the catchers have their own catcher’s mask, that is even better.

18. While not batting or in the field, players will be positioned along the outside of the field fence or on the bleachers (if open). Social distancing must be maintained.

19. For machine pitch divisions, the machine is to be sanitized after use by each team.

20. It is recommended players use their own lawn chairs. Lawn chairs should not be shared between players/members of different households.

21. If the game is delayed due to weather, all players and families are asked to go to their own vehicles and wait to be called back to the fields.

22. Players should not make contact with one another outside of game play;

*No high fives, fist bumps or handshakes. Teams should acknowledge each other and umpires
post games via waves and/or tip of the cap.

Part E – Addition to Above Rules

1. Coaches may receive reimbursement for any products they purchased for sanitizing with receipts.

2. Parents/Guardians are asked to help the coaches with sanitizing products & cleaning equipment/dugouts.

4. Guidelines may/will be reviewed regularly and adjusted for effectiveness or if/when government guidance changes.

5. These guidelines have not been medically reviewed or approved.

6. MLL is providing these guidelines, but we cannot always guarantee adherence by all participants.

7. Families should make their own choices on participation and the best interests of their family and players.

8. The guidelines are focused on minimizing risk while still allowing for fun competition. 


Latest guidelines can be downloaded/printed here.

Covid-19 Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk