Monarch Little League is a youth baseball and softball organization covering Louisville, Colorado, Superior Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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Safety Policy

Each year, Little League International requires that a comprehensive Safety Program be developed and implemented.  The documents that form this program are listed below.


Some of the key parts of the Monarch Little League Safety Plan are described here:

  • League Volunteers are required to complete a background check in order to participate. If you plan to volunteer in any capacity with the league, please go to the following link to perform this activity.
  • In the event of an injury, a  form is REQUIRED to be filed with the Safety Officer.
  • No games or practices shall be held when the weather or field conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • Catchers must wear all catchers' equipment, including the facemask with throat guard when warming up pitchers between innings, during practice, and during infield practice prior to games. 
  • Managers or coaches, at no time, shall warm up pitchers. This is a violation of Little League International rules. Umpires will enforce this rule.
  • Batters must wear approved protective helmets during batting practice and during games.
  • No more than 3 coaches are allowed in the dugout during a game.
  • For T-ball, A, AA, and AAA:  There is no on-deck circle and the next batter may not take warm up swings in the dugout.  He/she should not pick up a bat until he/she is ready to leave the dugout and go to the batters box.
  • All games shall be played with approved break-away bases.
  • No Bat Boys or Bat Girls are allowed in any division, at any time.
  • Only uniformed players for the teams playing are allowed in the dugout and within the playing field at all times.