Monarch Little League is a youth baseball and softball organization covering Louisville, Colorado, Superior Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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This is hosted by SmarterMail and managed through LeagueAthletics. To login, 

password: pa55word

These are currently handled through LexisNexis
The password needs to be changed each year.  Also, the information on the account needs to change with each new president. 

Account: VOL631708
2012 Password:  pw42012MLL!

Also now need to run the National Sex Offenders registry.

LittleLeague Data Center
You submit the rosters through the data center, and see the status of charter and ASAP plan.  You can also update the officers listed for the league. (this link changes..if it no longer exists, go to the main LL site to look for it).

League/District ID:  00091792   (you DO need the leading 000)
Access Code:  AC49567680

Merchant Account
Run through Sage

Also associated with TrustWave
password: pw4MLLpres <-valid 2012