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Umpires will be supplied with the Official Little League Rulebooks for Baseball and Softbal during training. A training class is provided by District 2 typically in March of each year.

Monarch Little League abides to the Official Little League rules except for a few modifications as outlined below which depend on what divisions are playing:

  • If umpiring a Monarch Little League Baseball sanctioned game (both teams belong to MLL), then the local rules apply:

If umpiring an IPGSA or District 2 Softball Interlock game (one team belongs to MLL, and the other team belongs to a different league), then the following rules apply:​

Further training for Little League umpires can be found here. Access to the Little League Umpire Registry can be provided by the Umpire in Chief or Umpire Coordinator as well.

Any specific questions can be brought up with the or the Umpire Coordinator.