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AAA Baseball- Double Header next Sunday and snack signup
by posted 09/20/2021

Our first game of the season is just around the corner.  We had a good scrimmage against a Majors team yesterday and the boys definitely held their own.  We're starting out with a double header on the 26th, 11-1 and 1-3.  I will order some pizzas for between the games, but please make sure they have a good breakfast and bring an extra water bottle. The forecast currently shows mid-80s and sunny.  

The players voted at the first practice and our team name will be the Heat.  I'm not sure if uniforms will be in by Sunday. If not, please wear an Orange shirt (red if you don't have orange) and white pants. 

Post-game snacks: Signup here. Please sign up to bring drinks/snacks for after the games.  There are 10 players on the roster.  Please also note on the sheet if you know your son will need to miss a game.  I know schedules are full with other sports, but it definitely helps my planning process if I know about absences ahead of time. Feel free to text or email me with updates as well.

I'm still working with MLL to get some more mid-week practices scheduled. The Cleo fields are in terrible shape with weeds and goatheads sticking to everything.  I'm pushing for a different field.

Andrew Bethea


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AAA Fall Ball
by posted 09/08/2021

Hello and welcome to MLL AAA Fall Ball. My name is Andrew Bethea; players can call me Coach Andrew.  My son, Liam, is a 4th grader at Superior Elementary. This is my third year coaching baseball with MLL. I coached the AAA Giants in the Spring and the AAA Heat this Summer. I’m all about having fun, learning the game, and sportsmanship.  I’m usually the first one out on the field jumping and cheering on good plays. I don’t yell often and I have 2 pet peeves that are easily avoided 1) always run through first base/don't look at the ball and 2) throw the ball in quickly from the outfield.   


I recognize a lot of the names on the roster and look forward to meeting new faces.  Our team is made up of 4th and 5th graders, most of which played AAA baseball in the Spring, so we have a big leg up on the other teams which will have a lot of younger players coming up from machine pitch.  The season will include 6 MLL teams, 5 South Boulder LL teams and 1 team from Sherrelwood LL.  We may have a few games in South Boulder.  


Assistant Coaches 
Logan Green and Ben Kanner will both help coach this season.  Thanks for volunteering guys.


Fall Ball is a bit more relaxed than Spring.  We will start with practice on Sundays and an optional practice in the middle of the week.  Times and locations are still TBD.  All games will be on Sundays starting on September 25.  There will likely be a few double headers.  I have found the SSU Play app to be very useful.  You may have to delete the app and reinstall to get new team updates.  



I will send out a post-game snack signup prior to the first game. 



Rules will be similar to MLL Spring AAA rules, however there are a few key differences primarily to help the younger rising players. 



  1. 1. There will be no walks in Fall AAA 

  • If a pitcher throws ball 4, the umpire shall place a tee at home plate 

  • Batter has one (1) swing off of the tee. 

  • If ball is hit cleanly batter may advance to 1st base only (1 base) 

  • If ball is not hit cleanly off of tee, batter is out   


  1. 2. With many new kids to kid pitch play, disallowing runner advancement on passed balls or overthrows should be limited. However, managers can tweak runner advancement policy for each game. Opposing managers should decide before the first pitch and be consistent for the game. And let the umpires know. 

What to bring  


  • Water Bottle  

  • Cleats  

  • Baseball pants (white for games). I highly recommend sliding pants (padded underwear). 

  • Hat  

  • Glove 

  • Batting Helmet  (I have spares if needed)

  • Warmup pants and/or jackets in inclement weather 

  • Games: Uniform (hat, shirt) will be provided prior to the first game *Hopefully* Note: team color is orange.



  • Batting gloves 

  • Bat  

  • Sunglasses 

  • Cup *Boys that want to play catcher are required to wear a protective cup.* Let me know if there are any questions. I will enforce this rule. 


Safety and Behavior 
For safety reasons, please make sure younger siblings are supervised during practices and games. Players will be required to remain with the team for the duration of the game with the exception of excused trips to the restroom.  At this time there are no COVID guidelines in place. If you would prefer to mask up, that’s fine and I’ll ensure there aren’t any issues. 


Sportsmanship & Code of Conduct  
Our team will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. We will celebrate our victories equally with our losses and congratulate ourselves and the other team after the game.  Any player that cannot exhibit the expected sportsmanship will sit out for an inning and be reminded of this expectation. Parents that cannot control themselves during games will be asked to leave. Verbal or physical abuse or threats of coaches, umpires, players or parents by anyone will not be tolerated. Our primary role as both coaches and parents is to keep the players safe and set a good example.   

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via text or email if you have questions or concerns.  




Coach Andrew 

Phone: 512-417-6250 


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